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”I was 17 years old. They killed my mother, father, sister. I was kidnapped from my family, the country where I was born. Kidnapped and brought here to this woman market. As a slave! I brought as a slave by the selling. Many years ago I lived in the center of the women’s market. In anticipation of his fate, desperate and miserable, I was one of those women. Tomorrow, where I’ll be, with whom I will be, nobody knows. In the morning I woke up bird noises. Before I left before going to the Palace. It was a white, snow white dove. Her leg was twisted between the ropes. Desperately waving his wings. Just as I was deeply hurt. Burned is in pain. I untied the ropes and took it into his hands. I stroked it and said a prayer. I wished that I had wings like the birds. I wanted to fly home to come back, pray … But they took me and took me to the palace and made ​​it home. I was not aware of what’s going on. But dear God heard my prayers. Castle has become my new home. How are later turned out, I was lucky. It allowed me to become the sweetheart of our Ruler, and to wake up in his palace. Mrs. Keyser. I came here with the desire to get your approval for the sale of the house. This woman is a market where I spilled an ocean of tears . I want this to be a place that will be visited with a smile. I want to be here and read the prayer to feed the hungry and poor. Homeless people would have their place for living and children built their nest in the schools.”

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